Afya Serengeti Episode 3 – Announcing vaccination

It has been a while since we’ve posted an episode from our Afya series. Well, I think it’s time to catch-up. Here is episode 3:

The day before the Afya team starts vaccinating all dogs in a village (for free), they go around the area in a jeep with a large speaker mounted on top, loudly announcing that that they are coming the next day. Join in and see how Afya swings!


How the internet was born

We use it everyday, and you tend to forget how amazing it really is: the internet.  No doubt one of the greatest inventions of the past decade. Decade? Now way! Did you know that the internet was ‘created’ already in 1966? Have a look yourself in this highly animated video about the history of the internet.

Just bought a new laptop


Well, not for us actually. We bought a laptop for somebody else. Who? I have no idea…

Usually around the end of the year-beginning of the next communication agencies send expensive gifts to their clients, to showcase their creative powers and dedication to the customer. You have no idea what I used to get when I was in marketing. Each year it seemed a rat race which communication agency has the most creative, most cool and the highest ‘wow’ level. And let’s face it, how many ‘presents’ you get are actually so useful that you still have them?

We have decided not to run the rat race, and saved the money to buy a laptop for a child. A child in a developing country. The One Laptop per Child organization has designed a special laptop for children in these countries. You can read it all here.

Our New Year card reads:

We realize that we have an easy life, with all those technologies at our fingertips. Not everywhere life is so easy. That’s why DigiRedo supports the initiative ‘One Laptop Per Child’. This organization has designed a laptop especially for children. It has a rugged exterior, built-in wireless, a unique display that is readable under direct sunlight and software designed for children in developing countries to encourage exploration, creativity and collaboration. Just as we do.

So this year no traditional ‘give-away’ for our clients, but a laptop for a child. We hope you appreciate that. We know the child does. 


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