Twitter and clean water


What do they have in common? Well, a lot lately. 

Meet Scott Harrison. He’s into clean water. And he wants the entire world to have clean water. Did you know that 1 out of 6 people on this planet do not have access to clean water? Scott wants to change that and he needs money for that. The wonderful Twitter community jumped in and organized a world wide event known as Twestival. This Thursday February 12th the Twestival will kick off in about 120 countries across the planet. Also in Amsterdam.

The program looks indeed appealing:

At 6pm the full evening’s entertainment will commence, kicking off with DJ daShank who will warm up the atmosphere  with soul funk and rare groove. Headlining the entertainment at the inspirationally designed SPACES. on the Herengracht will be a special arrangement with Farah Day on vocals and Djoeke Klijzing on violon and cello, they’ll be keeping the atmosphere strictly lounge with soulful-grooves accompanied by Local Hero on saxophone. Expect moody smooth tunes with a modern stylised mash of white labels and classics. Later on during the night, sensational DJ Lady Aceand DJ M-Cecille will spin uplifting old skool disco and dance classics before closing the night with some groovy techno.

I hope I can find some time between our activities to check it out.

More info of the Amsterdam event here.

One Response to Twitter and clean water

  1. Kenneth Keen says:

    I have too much water, Scott is welcome to as much of it as is legal. Daily 3 cubic metres is roughly what would be available, just below Limoges in Southern France – some pictures?

    Mister Keen

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