Social Media: many possibilities, little knowledge


A recent survey by the Dutch Social Media Professionals Association (SMPA) amongst 277 respondents investigated the use of social media for commercial purposes. 82% says to be good informed about the developments on social media, but 67% indicated that there is too little knowledge to put social media into practice commercially.

Much faith

There is much need for knowledge and insight about the effects social media can have on brand awareness, image, involvement, traffic and conversion. So basically we are looking at metrics. People are also interested to learn best practices, do’s and don’ts, inspiration and how far companies can go with social networks commercially. Despite the lack of knowledge there is much faith in the commercial use of social networks. It seems that the lost of control often related to the use of social networks is not an issue anymore.


There are many definitions of social media, but the one the SMPA uses for now can be definied as follows:

“Social Media are media where users communicate with each other, share things such as knowledge, pictures, videos, experiences, stuff to sell, opinions, software, collaborative work and games. It is the technique that helps to be able to know more and  do more together”

More results

  • Companies not using social media don’t do this because of the lack of experience (60%) and lack of knowledge (44%)
  • More than half (53%) of the companies having put social networks into practice say it was a success
  • Of those companies almost two third (64%) indicated that it had a positive effect on the brand. Almost in half (46%) of the cases it had a positive effect on buying behaviour. It had no negative effect.
  • A company blog had been identified as a powerful tool to use social media since it shows some measurable results on site traffic, brand reputation and conversion.
  • Less successful cases of social networks were mainly due to the lack of connection to the target audience.
  • Half of the respondents find their company advanced in the use of social media commercially. A third thinks their company is behind these developments.
  • Almost 75% said to use social media much more commercially in 2009. For the next five years this increases to 89%.

More info on the website of the SMPA. Wanna know more about social media?

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