Are you following me?


A long time I have been avoiding Twitter. Like it was nothing for me,  one step too far in the entire new/social media plethora of stuff. But hey, when you preach new media you at least ought to know how that stuff works. So some time ago I signed up for Twitter. And never looked back since.

Twitter is a curious thing. You communicate with people you don’t know, people just out of the blue start following your tweets, and it is one of the most difficult thing to explain to normal people (i.e. people who are not new media zealots as we are) what it is and what the benefits are.

I am still amazed by the feeling I get when somebody starts following me. As if that person suddenly can have a peephole look into your life. But I feel also priviledged that apparently my bio and tweets are interesting enough to be followed. However, when you get the message that somebody is following you the immediate ‘Twitter Power’ start to kick-in: should I now follow that person as well? Is that Twitter courtesy (twourtesy)? 

The e-mail you get from Twitter saying that ‘[username] is following you’ usually doesn’t say too much. I always have to go to the followers page and check whether that person is equally interesting as I am (hey, otherwise I would not be followed, remember?). The boys and girls from Twimailer thought that this could be simpler. Just add your e-mail address on their website, past a newly provided e-mail address in your Twitter account and suddenly those boring e-mails from Twitter will change into a well-crafted information-rich curriculum of the Twitterer. Including bio, number of followers and following, last 10 tweets and a big button saying ‘Follow Back’. Saves you a few clicks…

See for yourself in the video and check out their website.


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