Hell just froze over. I bought a Dell


OK, this is going to get tough. Years upon years I’ve been preaching the Mac-religion. To friends, family, friends of family and family of friends. And pretty successful I might say. The number of first and second line switchers (second line is a switcher switched because they switched due to my annoying rambling of the superiority of the Mac platform) add up to almost 70. Steve can be proud, his Reality Distortion Field worked.

I have yet to find anybody who regrets the switch, we are all happilly using our little machines and during these years I built up some credibility as a Mac geek. Always open for questions and couldn’t stand when I was not able to solve the issue. I could not accept letting down people who I personnaly brought on board.

Just bought the new MacBook together with the 24 inch Cinema Display. I couldn’t be happier. So I thought.

That’s all going to change now. Familiar with the term ‘Netbooks’? These are very little laptops (9 inch screens), having absolutely no power (1.6 GHz) and virtually no memory (1 GB RAM and usually 16 GB Solid State HD). They are designed for being online, and being online only. For using the Cloud for what it’s meant to be used for: storage and applications. They are priced very low, in the EUR 200-300 range. The perfect travel companion, the ultimate portability communication tool. There’s only one problem:

Apple doesn’t have a Netbook…

Bummer. They have an iPhone, and according to Steve that’s close enough. Although I do love my iPhone (no, I actually adore it) it’s not the real thing as far as computer is concerned. Sorry Steve, this time I have to disagree with you. So who is making Netbooks? Well, the usual suspects: Dell, HP, Sony. But also some newcomers like Asus (these are the Taiwanese boys and girls normally producing the laptops for the usual suspects).

I was intruiged by the concept -after all, it is a gadget- and started my exploration. Thanks to the marvelous decision to put Intel hardware in a Mac, the Mac OS now runs on Intel. However, out of the box it’s impossible to install Mac OS on a computer other than a Mac. Actually, the license agreement forbids it. Fortunately some clever guys were able to hack the OS and creatively named it ‘Hackintosh’. By using this approach people are able to run Mac OS X on any (non Apple) computer.

It turned out that the Dell (of all brands) has the best Hackintosh Netbook on the market; the Dell mini 9. All functionalities work and once you’ve done the hack you have a real Mac on Dell hardware. Of course that’s only the first step. The second step involves stickers. But that’s really nerdy…

Anyway, it took me a holiday in Indonesia and almost two weeks back in the Netherlandsto get used to the idea that I might be buying a Dell. I have been checking my Mac Rumor RSS feeds frantically to see if Apple hasn’t released a MacNetBook themselves. They introduced all kind of stuff these twoo weeks (iMacs, Mac minis, Mac Pros, iPod suffles) but no Netbook.

So today, 15 minutes before a EUR 50 deal when ordering online would expire, I took a deep breath and did it. I bought my Dell Netbook. I am still confused. Did I do the right thing? Well, we just have to see. I will keep you posted about my experiences with the transformation of the Dell mini 9 into the MacBook mini. In a week time I might have replaced an obsolete piece of junk operating system with a perfectly running superior feline operating system, or it might turn out that I lost a few hundred Euros.

But then I will get some friends back…


The end goal

The end goal










This is the 'raw material'

This is the 'raw material'

2 Responses to Hell just froze over. I bought a Dell

  1. Minty says:

    Dell is sure very nice 🙂

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