Off we go to Barcelona


Yep, here we go again to the beautiful city of Barcelona. This time for the Digital Pharma Congress organized by EXL Pharma. From their website:


In 2007 Digital Pharma was the first event in the industry to put Web 2.0 on center stage. Now, two years later, we are doing the same thing for the Europe market. The EU pharmaceutical marketplace is fully ready for a conference that recognizes the huge significance of new media and new marketing. Simply put, the phenomena of Web 2.0 and social networking deserve their own conference specifically geared for pharma, because it is no longer about “integrating eMarketing into your overall strategy.” In Europe and in the rest of the world the “e” is now indistinguishable from the old channels: they are now one and the same. There are so many questions that need to be answered, and debates that must be given an arena. Digital Pharma Europe is that place, and pharma marketers throughout the continent and the world will convene at this event in order to join together as a community to push the industry into the digital era. One look at the agenda and faculty will tell you that this is no ordinary eMarketing conference-it marks the end of the old and the beginning of something new.


We will be speaking at the congress about Social Media and Internal Collaboration, and of course we will be covering the event by video.

Keep an eye on Twitter for more information (#digitalpharma) and see more live postings here.

For a detailed program click here (see Day 2, 10:30 hrs)

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