First two videos of my presentation at Digital Pharma

Found myself some time to make my ‘SteveNote’ way of my presentation given at Digital Pharma in Barcelona last month. For a detailed report on the event, see here.

I have split my presentation (Best Practices for the Use of Web 2.0 and Social Media Tools for Internal Collaboration) in three parts:

Part 1: The Need for Innovation in Pharma
Part 2: Social Media and Internal Collaboration
Part 3: Best Practices Using Web 2.0 and Internal Collaboration

In this blogpost the first two episodes (it was late, so the third one coming up asap).

5 Responses to First two videos of my presentation at Digital Pharma

  1. Paty says:

    Hello, I’m Patricia Yoshioka from Brazil.
    I’m responsible for Knowledge Management and Innovation
    in a pharmaceutical company and what are you said is the totally true.
    we have a strongly cultural change behind the “web 2.0 mkt”
    the part that you said we need to be consistent and pratice inside and outside the company the web 2.0 proposal is fantastic.

    • digiredo says:

      Hi Patricia,

      Nice to know that you agree with our vision. It might be a challenge to start incorporating these new tools but they are defenitely worth it!

      What do you use for knowledge management?

  2. Paty says:


    Internally we are using blogs, wikis and youtube, but the software
    that we are working was either developed by our company or is an open
    source software.
    Externally we are finalizing a “recruitment 2.0”, using twitter,
    blogs, orkut, facebook in order to recruit new employees.
    In fact part of our selection process is web 2.0, because we started
    some discussions in a web fórum.
    My personal challenge is now to transform our relationship with the
    patients, helping them keeping adherent to the treatment, supporting
    them using social network to discuss the disease, providing a database
    with all the information that they need for understanding the
    medication, the treatments and the exams.

  3. digiredo says:

    Patient compliance is one of the biggest and most important hurdles to take in Pharma. Good to see you are focussing on that.

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