Who is using Twitter?

Last week during one of our New Media Masterclasses somebody asked me what kind of people are actually using Twitter. Although I do have a hunch, I have not seen any demographics, so I owed the person an answer.

It’s funny how the little things in life sometimes can be pretty amazing. This weekend I was reading the ‘Intermediair’, a Dutch magazine for working professionals in which I found a small article entitled: Twitterers are mainly ICT people and marketers’. Well, well…

According to the article the group using people still is a very small niche which can be identified as ‘Online Network Pioneers’. More than half of the Twitter-users is active in Information and Communication Technologies, marketing, sales, advertising or consultancy. Other job functions can hardly be found. About 75% is male, between 30 and 40 years old. Seventy-five percent has a higher education (bachelor or higher).

Still I have the feeling that Twitter is becoming more and more mainstream in the Netherlands. You see it on TV and hear it on the radio. Many celebrities have a Twitter account which they use to stay in touch with their fan base. We even have a few politicians fanatically tweeting about their thoughts. Don’t know if Twitter is here to stay, but it is certainly moving something. What about Twitter in your country?

Source: Intermediair, June 12 2009

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