Enterprise 2.0, or: How Your Boss Should Change

IMG_0068The working environment is changing. The Web 2.0, in all its philosophical aspects, is gaining ground in the corporate world. Transparency, authenticity and new (online) collaboration tools are finding their way into our cubicles, providing more power and knowledge to eveybody who is open for these developments. Well, if your boss agrees with it.

More and more we see young people entering the workspace, requiring the same tools as they are used to at college and university. Blogging, wikis, podcasts. Where can we find it in our secure and well-known cubicle environment?

Time to find out at the Enterprise 2.0 congress in Boston. The single largest congress in this field, dealing with all aspects related to the ‘new way of working’. So I traveled to rainy Boston (bummer!) to check out the possibilities in this very interesting field. I will post a detailed summary of the things I learned here later, once all the E2.0-dust has settled down (and I tell you, there’s a lot of dust!). For those of you wanted to stay informed about the congress, check out the following links:

Official program
Conference blog
Back Channel (Twitterfeed)

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