National Marketing Day – The Impression

Some people say that summer time is more laid-back, easy going or just less of a hassle. People go on holiday, enjoy life, gain weight and do not worry about it – yet.

Not for us. Like last year it seems that our summer time is one of the most hectic times of the year. Or I should say at least as hectic as normal. Reason for a bit of a delay in the postproduction of our impression of the National Marketing Day which we attended a few weeks ago (see my earlier blogpost here)

I can honestly say that it was a wild ride, but most certainly a worthwile ride. Not only was our presentation scored as one of the best (8 points out of 10), we got a healthy traffic to our stand which kept our crew (thanks Kurt, Jolanda, Rob and Eduard) busy from 10 o’clock in the morning till the absolute end of the conference.

People are genuinly interested in using social media for internal purposes and on a conference where the majority of the topics are about external communication our vision was a welcome addition. We got some interesting leads from a variety of companies, which means visiting many of them afterwards for a more in-depth discussion.

I have included the video impression in the post, but mind you it’s in Dutch. No time yet for subtitling. Summer is here…

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