Introduction of the Community

Tell me,

and I will forget

Show me,
and I might remember

Involve me,
and I will understand

If you think this is a tagline of a new social media initiative, you’re right. If you think this is a quote of Confusius who lived 479 BC you’re right too. The man certainly had a clear vision about the way companies would work in the 21st century. And with this vision the launch of our Social Innovation Platform started.

You got to do it right from the start. Or at least do your very best. So launching an internal community -especially after weeks, even months of hard work- is a milestone you want people to remember. Reason for us to put some serious effort in this event.

If you think about communities and forget the 2009 meaning of the word, the first things that pops in your mind is the sixties: hippies, make love not war, flower-power, ban the bomb, all happy together-kind of stuff. So there was our theme. For the more serious stuff we invited two top speakers (Wassili Bertoen, Director Deloitte Innovation and Marco Derksen Founder of to talk about communities in general, community management and innovation through communities. For many people an eye-opener.

Then we presented the platform, only seen before by a few happy PowerUsers, in all its glory. Our Idea Platform, Podcast, Blog, Wiki, RSS reader and Polling feature. Enterprise 2.0 in reality. To put things into practice we arranged several laptops for people to test and start filling the platform.

People were impressed and dove into it enthusiastically. To be frank, I didn’t expect anything else. And that has nothing to do with the way the platform was built (well, a bit) but mainly because this is an enthusiastic group of people. The official BarbeQumunity might have helped as well.

The proof is in the pudding, so reality will kick-in soon. Will people actually start using it when back in the office? What kind of issues will we face with the (cloud) software? Will and can these be solved?

Questions, questions… But let’s first enjoy the moment. For a moment.

Explaining the Platform

Explaining the Platform

Live Tweeting!

Live Tweeting!

Where would we be without our camera?

Where would we be without our camera?

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