Hello, it’s US again!

statueofliberty-copyYep, it’s that time of the year again. The time you realize you already worked your butt off during the first half of the year but that you have to work even harder the second half of the year. And that you won’t survive without a mental break if you don’t refill on time. Don’t get us wrong, we love our jobs and we regret everyday we didn’t start DigiRedo earlier. But everybody needs a break, so now and then.

So what do we like when we take a break? Relax, enjoy different cultures, amaze ourselves, learn new things but most of all, have fun. We at DigiRedo think we have found our perfect break. Like last year, and the year before, the New Media Expo (NME) is around the corner. And we are ready to go! 150This year however, the NME is bigger than ever. In 2008 Tim Bourquin, founder of the NME, decided to merge ‘his’ conference with the BlogWorld Expo, resulting in the -rather creatively entitled- BlogWorld and New Media Expo, the singlelargest congress about all things new media on this planet, and no doubt on any galaxy far, far away. In three days, 6 simultaneous tracks and more than 150 speakers this congress will for sure blow our minds. And the fact that it is in Las Vegas is of course the icing on the cake.

So in October we’re off to the US. But going to a congress alone can not be considered ‘relaxed’. Even not for NewappleMedia Nerds as ourselves. That’s why we decided to extend our trip to California a few days and head over to San Francisco as well. We always wanted to go to this supposedly laid-back city, and while we’re there visit the cradle of modern computer-technology: Silicon Valley. Visit the Mothership of Apple in Cupertino is every AppleFreak’s wet dream and obliterates any other attempt to impress other AppleFreaks. Like going to the Apple Store in Japan for example.

people blogworld

And while we are in the US, why not attend the next congress? Or even present on that congress? Indeed, coincidentally the US version of EXL’s Digital Pharma is just two days after the BlogWorld & NME. We have been invited to give a new preso on Enterprise 2.0 in pharma, and we will be sponsoring the event with video coverage. So after the 39 degrees Celcius (102 F) environment of the Nevada dessert we’ll fly back to the East coast to participate in the 3rd Annual Digital Pharma Congress in New Jersey. My talk will be an extension of my Barcelona preso, of course with new information.

Preso bulletpoints

But the good thing is that EXL has decided to put the ‘S’ of Social in this congress and wants a more ‘unconference’ approach. Spearheaded by our friend Shwen Gwee who will be chairing the conference, EXL hope to achieve more participation, engagement and dialogue. It’s up to the presenters and moderators to achieve that.

It’s ging to be an exciting trip. Leaving on October 8 to New York, stay one day in the Big Apple. Fly to SanFran on October 10 for our Silicon Valley trip, and arrive in Las Vegas on October 14 for the BlogWorld and NME Expo. Four days later (October 18) up in the air again to New Jersey and participate in the Digital Pharma congress. Finally returning to base on October 22.

Obviously we will be providing plenty of blogposts and video coverage of our trip, like you’re used to from us.

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