Off we go to London – DigiPharm 2009


It has been a while since my last blogpost. Shame on myself, letting the community down. All perfectly explainable, yet unforgivable. I hope to make it up to you in the next few weeks, which seems to become very exciting for us. As written earlier, still three weeks off from our Grande Tour de US. But first London…

DigiPharm 2009 is a pharma marketing congress organized by Health Network Communication and “is one of the largest gatherings of pharmaceutical marketing and communications professionals in Europe. It will discuss the challenges and strategies used to enhance online communication, customer relationship, strengthen brand awareness and improve profitability in digital marketing”.

With two days of conference and a pre- and post conference day the stage is set for four days being Sponge-Bob-on-the-first-row-sucking-all-info-into-our-brains. But hey, we got our moment too! On Thursday we will present the audience our preso entitled: Pharma and social media: the Garden of Eden or the beginning of the end?.

  • Is social media really the holy grail of marketing in pharma, or just a new term marketers like to talk about at birthday parties?
  • Is our audience getting smarter with all these new
  • technologies or losing their mind while multi-tasking?
  • Is blogging the answer to obtaining transparency, or just an expression of complacency

We won’t do the ‘standard’ preso but have been cooking on something new. Of course we will be covering the event by video interviews as well, so keep an eye on this blog for more info soon!

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