First day Digipharm took off like a rocket


Being in London is always fun, but this time it’s pretty educational as well. The first day of the Digipharm congress can be classified as ‘successful’ in our opinion. Pretty good speakers, good venue, live Twitter feed on stage, video recording and speed networking possibilities (it’s amazing what a red and green envelope can do to open up the conversation).

As far as speakers is concerned, we were pretty impressed by the presentation of James Heywood, co-founer and chairman of Patientslikeme, a community for people with specific diseases, a huge help for these patients and a tremendous repository of data to compare. Yet another intruiging preso came from Joseph Talanges from Hospira, who has built a community for health care professionals with an interest in haematological malignancies, We will be interviewing both speakers, so stay tuned for more info.

Tomorrow we’ll be presenting our case: Pharma and social media: the Garden of Eden or the beginning of the end? Check this blog tomorrow to know the opinion of the audience about social media in pharma. Let the voting begin!

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