Chrome for Mac is here – So how does it compare?

Traditionally Mac users had to wait a few months for their version when new stuff came out for Windows. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of the Mac platform this is rarely the case anymore. Enter the world of Google…

That Apple and Google are not so close friends anymore became obvious when Google decided to develop their own phone, the Android, directly competing with the iPhone. They even announced the development of their own OS: Chrome OS. This OS would specifically be developed for the ‘cloud’ and netbooks. A very light, Linux-based Operating System. A preview has been released a few weeks ago.

But it doesn’t stop there. Google has also introduced a new web browser, Chrome. This browser is specifically developed for easy and fast surfing and is hitting against the bloated Internet Explorer. Since Chrome was not available on the Mac for about 15 months the position of Safari was not jeopardized. Until today.

Today Google released the beta version of their web browser also for the Mac. Time to put all three main browsers on the Mac to the test: Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

In the test I used the latest versions of all browsers. The visited sites were cached first, after which I timed reloading the page (except for, which I also loaded without caching). See the graph below:

I must say, I’m impressed by the results of this first version of Chrome. Overall the browser beats Firefox and Safari on many aspects. Given the notion that this is only a beta I’m wondering what’s in store for the 1.0 version. Another neat feature of Chrome is the fact that you can type your Google search into the url bar. It will recognize that you are searching for a word or phrase and show you the Google results. No doubt there are more interesting features but I guess I need a bit more than just an hour testing.

Whether I will switch from Safari to Chrome I don’t know. I know my way around in Safari quite well and I really like the way Safari deals with bookmarks. Also, my Killer App 1Password is not yet available for Chrome.

Apple once claimed that Safari 4 was the fastest browser. It’s time to reshuffle the cards a bit. For now it seems that Chrome is entering the top three on a number one position, followed by Firefox. Apple, I guess it’s time to let Safari 4.5 out of the cage. I will be using Chrome intensively but my main browser will remain Safari for now. At least till 1Password becomes available for Chrome, too.

Disclaimer: This was not a scientific test. Your milage may vary. Tested on a MacBook unibody 2.4 GHz , 4 GB RAM, 10.6.2

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