Augmented Reality on a whole new level

Some people (actually, a lot of people) are really hooked up to First Person Shooters. I tried a few of them, even finished Call of Duty. But the real kicker is the Multiplayer mode where you can join online battles with online friends who you might, or might not know. FPS is no doubt one of the most popular genres played.

Trouble is that you just sit behind your computer, pretty passive. While for some guys sitting behind the computer is their way of life, most of us need some exercise so now and then, just to stay fit. But what about that addiction to frag your opponent while outside? Well, enter the world of Gunman.

Gunman is also a FPS but with their new iPhone app they took it outside, in the real world. Using augmented reality you can hunt your enemies in the streets and virtually blow each other’s head off. Choose your game, wear a colored T-shirt and hunting season is open.

Check out this video, their website and on iTunes (direct link to iTunes)

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