Top – Whatever

Funny thing about the end of the year is that apparently we all have this desperate feeling of creating lists of top whatever. End of last year I have been listening to the Top 1000, the best hit songs ever. On TV they showed the best TV moments of 2009. But also on the internet the Top-whatever-frenzy had taken off. So I thought I give you a bit of help in case you have been living under a rock last year. For everybody else, it’s always a good to check if you didn’t miss something. Case in point: memorize these lists and you are guaranteed to be seen as the next Social Media guru on birthday parties. Here we go:

Top 10 of Everything of 2009 (Time Magazine)

700+ Apps for the iPhone (Mashable)

9 Essential iPhone Apps for Cat Lovers (Mashable)

Top 10 Semantic Web Products (ReadWriteWeb)

Top 10 web 2.0 Trends (Stepcase Lifehack)

Top 2009 Social Media Trends for Moms (Mashable)

Top 10 moments in Social Media in 2009 (LA Times)

Top 2008-2009 Social Media Strategy Books (I Think)

Top 10 WTF Social Media Moments of 2009 (Ignite Social Media)

Top 10 Biggest Social Media Stories of 2009 (Vatornews)

Top 15 Recommended Social Media Books of 2009 (WindMill Networking)

And to top it off, have a look at these hilarious cartoons of social media in 2009:

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