Most viral video. Ever.

Just have a look a this video and check out the site to make one yourself.

Don’t forget to check out some ‘behind the scenes’ here.

Twitter + Video Broadcasting = TwitCasting

“Late last year, Ustream and qik launched iPhone applications that let you stream videos from the iPhone to the web and allow others to watch them as they’re being recorded. And now there is an iPhone app called TwitCasting Live (iTunes link), which offers the same basic functionality, but is – as the name suggests – much more deeply integrated into Twitter”, writes Serkan Toto in an article on MobileCrunch.

“When the recording begins, you can automatically tweet out a specific URL for the broadcast (“I’m live on Twitcasting!”) to your followers who just need to hit the link to watch the live stream on the web or even on their iPhones (iPhone users won’t hear sound though). The app comes in especially handy during events, for example. After the broadcast, you can choose to save and archive the recording on the TwitCasting website.”

Original article here.

Cool 3D video

History of Apple products related to the imminent launch of the iPad (bummer, not in the Netherlands for the near future). Oh well, we’ll just have to do with these videos to wet our appetite.

Transparent House used its visualization capabilities to create a tribute to a company they greatly admire on the occasion of the iPad release. The idea was to show a glimpse into the history of this product giant by modeling some of the innovative products they’ve developed in their 3+ decade history.

The animation was done entirely using 3Ds Max and V-Ray render and took about 10 days to complete. Professionally done 3D visualization is the perfect tool to present concepts or new products in a beautiful, photoreal style, while creating a mood with music and conveying a message, through on-screen text or narration.


Sure, it’s hard work during these congresses. All that information you have to sponge, notes to take, tweets to make. Fortunately there’s also time to relax and have a good time after the day program. Now, the only problem is: where to go?

South by Southwest Partylist:

  • Nokia Party Posse
  • Mix at Six
  • Tocquigny
  • TechSet Party
  • Pastries and Pasties
  • Film Opening Hosted by KICK ASS
  • Mobile Social
  • Survey Gizmo
  • Small Business Big Party!
  • Dorkbot
  • Mozilla Happy Hour (1st 250 only)
  • Razorfish happy hour
  • Spiderwood Studios
  • IA Opening by Frog Design
  • Shutterstock Snappy Hour
  • AMODA Digital Showcase
  • Happy Cog’aoke 2
  • Kodak Brunch
  • Adobe Brunch
  • Block Party
  • Canaan Venture Party
  • Web Awards Pre-Party
  • Florida Fish Fry
  • The Popbox Party: Play Nice
  • FrayCafe 10
  • Microsoft TECH party
  • Barbarian Group
  • PBS Party
  • Mashable
  • Man on a Mission Party
  • MIMA Karaoke
  • Nuclear Taco
  • Beer Camp
  • Microsoft
  • Rackspace
  • TECHKaraoke
  • Geeky Beach Party
  • DANCE WITH THE ONE Premiere Party
  • Gowalla
  • NOLA
  • Chronicle Film Bash
  • Hip Hop Social: The Platinum Life
  • Convio
  • Brit Bash
  • Film Awards Reception
  • Couch Professor Entertainment
  • IA Closing
  • Film Closing/Music Opening Party
  • Billboard
  • Canadian Blast BBQ
  • SonyMusic
  • Canada House
  • Fontana
  • GHS Unwound
  • Gibson Guitar
  • Louisiana
  • Wunderbar
  • Sax, Clogs & Rock-n-Rol
  • Block Party
  • Sounds form Spain
  • New Zealand
  • Full Irish Breakfast
  • Sonicbids
  • D’addario
  • Music Stimulus
  • Make Waves not War
  • Bootleg BBQ
  • Mpress Records
  • Aussie BBQ
  • Hague
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