SXSW 2010: Congress of congresses

24 Hours and 3 flights later we’ve arrived in Austin, Texas. Where the tempereature has a comfortable 25 centigrades (77 F), the streets continously smell like BBQ with the sounds of countryrock. Austin, home to 50.000 students, center of modern technology and host of one of the largest events of music, film and interactive media: South by Southwest. An event like no other: with more than 10,000 participants larger than ever. We will make various video-reports in co-operation with Marketingfacts (one of the largest online marketingblogs in The Netherlands) covering SXSW interactive. Check our intro-video (but beware, it’s in Dutch):

SXSW is truly a huge festival: as said above, 10,000 participants atending over 350 sessions with more than 1,250 speakers. And don’t forget the numurous parties at night. Downside of this size of an event is that it’s hard to pick your session. Or a party. It’s almost too much! And you would love to be everywhere. Then again, it’s thrilling to be here. We hope to bring a bit of that feeling to you.

Up next is an interview (don’t worry, it’s in English) with Mallory Messina of Southwest Airlines about the future of Corporate Culture. Stay tuned.

One Response to SXSW 2010: Congress of congresses

  1. DutchTommy says:

    I saw you live via Leo Laportes Backpack LiveStream… Great to see the Dutch are well represented @ SXSW

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