Do you have a moment.. a lot of moments? iPhone 4 launch UK

Crazy. That’s what I can say. How on earth is it possible that one company can make people stand in line for more that 32 hours, for a piece of glass and sillicon? To camp on the streets of London like a homeless person, to fight for the right to enter first, to be one of the few to lay their hands, no, to own a .. phone?

Yep, they did it again. Apple today infused the European continent with their next iteration of the iPhone, creatively named the iPhone 4. That the iPhone was a huge hit may not come to a surprise to many of our readers, but that they could pull it off again is remarkable, to say the least. It clearly shows the effect of state-of-the-art technology in combination with superb marketing.

We were in London to participate in a congress on mobile technologies which was organized *coincidentally* the day after the launch of iPhone 4. We couldn’t resist, being in London the day this device was launched, so we took the sub to Regent Street. Silently hoping two iPhones would be left, waiting to be picked up by two Dutchies.

Our dreams were shattered when entering the proximity of the Apple Store. Crush-barriers were keeping the queu in line, special Stewards were facilitating the immense flow of people, the loooong line, waiting to get in. The first person in line waited for 32 hours, flew over from Dubai and when the doors opened was being held back to let people who preordered the iPhone came in first (whom *only* waited for 16 hours). The guy is pretty pissed-off (although he did get his iPhone) and promised to write to Steve personally.

Obviously we had no time to wait that long, so we had to do it with some tangible hands-on experience with this marvelous piece of technology. And boy, this screen is *crisp*. There is no way you can see that the letters on the display are actually on a display. It really looks like they are printed on the screen. The phone feels solid -may be a bit heavy- and the design is awesome. It does make the 3GS look sooo 2009. The front facing camera will open new possibilities and though we couldn’t test FaceTime ourselves I’m sure we will have a lot of fun with it. We could only ‘testdrive’ it for about 3 minutes. People waiting in line behind us were getting inpatient to touch it themselves. Socially as we are, we let them.

With envies eyes we had to leave the Apple Store. Not empty handed, but with a real Apple iPad case and a pair of in-ear headphones. Silently we took the tube back to the hotel. Dreaming of what we’ve seen, looking forward for what is about to come…

5 Responses to Do you have a moment.. a lot of moments? iPhone 4 launch UK

  1. Kurt says:

    Niet kijken maar kopen! Zo Dutch! Of om er nog maar een spreekwoord in te gooien. Geduld is een schoone zaak…

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  3. Hyman Gase says:

    You completed several good points there. I did analysis online around the subject and positioned virtually all individuals associate with with all your blog.

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