Facebook – The Movie

New times, new heroes. Back in the 90s the usual suspects for producing a tech-geek movie were obviously Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. And let’s be honest, their story is indeed a saga, with heroes, villains, drama, a plot, an agonist and antagonist. Pirates of Silicon Valley remains one of the top Geek Movies of all times. If you have anything to do with the digital world I encourage you to watch it on YouTube:

But these times request for new heroes, new Jobsian heroism, fighting against the status quo. And fortunately we have a few nowadays. One of the most well-known of course is founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckenberg. As an ‘Enfant Terrible’ he is moving through the landscape of digital media. Never afraid to express his opinion about Microsoft, Google; location-based services, the future of his platform and of course privacy. Neither he is shy. I a recent interview he acclaimed that Facebook will reach the 1 billion members. “It’s not a matter of if, but when”, he said.

Well, if that ain’t a nice start for an intriguing drama? Add some unreliable friends, managers who want to take advantage of his success and throw in a girlfriend or two and I’m sure the ingredients for a new ‘Pirate in Silicon Valley’ may arise. Recently Colombia pictures released the first trailer of the movie ‘The Social Network‘, the movie about Facebook. Taglined “You can’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies’ this motion pictured is expected to hit the cinemas in October. Or earlier, on YouTube…

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