Adopting new technologies. You’re not alone in the struggle.

If you think you have a battle to win for getting new media tools in the organization, be sure to check out the interview Vincent Evers (@vincente) had with our minister of Foreign Affairs, Maxime Verhagen. Maxime tells about the struggle he had (and still has) to get new technologies into the political arena. Nothing is possible, all is dangerous, has serious security issues and can jeopardize our national safety. According to the IT department, that is. Maxime even took a MobileMe account and used his Mac e-mail address to communicate with his peer (international) political buddies. So far for safety and security, IT…(and our image to be an ‘innovative’ country). It took a while, but now he now works happily on his iPhone, MacBook Air and in the future his iPad. I wonder whether he bought his gear himself.

Maxime is one of our most active Twitter politicians, but this fame had it’s price. Check out the interview below (in Dutch)

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