Three Steps to Make Your CEO Look More Personable with Social Media

Just read an interesting article on how to use Social Media to make your CEO more like a ..eehh.. person. The article describes 3 techniques:

1. Give him/her a blog
2. Start talking using video
3. Extend presence using Twitter

The article concludes:

Gone are the days of C-suite members maintaining a professional distance with their employees and conserving their energy to ONLY communicate to investors and media through traditional channels. The lines of communication are blurring with social networks and the smart CEOs are those that are engaging on a more informal level and taking their vision directly to their audience. Tell us what you are doing to get your CEO more involved on social networks.

We couldn’t agree more. Now, where can we find CEO’s who are actually open to do this? And where are the ones who don’t? Please.. explain us why.

Read entire article here.

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