iPad goes corporate?

I see it all around me. Corporate VP’s and other honchos showing off their iPad proudly as if they have discovered fire. And even more so, Corporate IT also seems to have a sheer interest in the little device. Although it still hurts to admit that they are having a device in their hands made by that company ‘with a shiny logo making toys’, it seems that their arrogance in this matter is melting. Suddenly Apple is ‘OK’.

Yahoo wrote an interesting article about how the iPad is invading the business world. It discusses some cool uses in restaurants and refers to an article from BusinessInsider about how VCs are using iPads in boardrooms, too. Status-increasing and time efficient. Both aspects land well in the VC world.

We get many questions from our customers about how to use the iPad in business, if there are more companies using iPads and what the security issues are. A few weeks ago we were at a large pharma company demonstrating the concept of one of our new apps. “Yeah, but our corporate IT is not so happy about Apple. It’s insecure, it uses an exotic programming language and that’s why iPhones are banned, too. Can you build your app also on another platform? Like Android, or so?”. Anybody who has a remote understanding of programming knows that Android is not more secure and I dare too say even more exotic. But that’s how marketing people are sometimes being influenced by IT. And most marketing people how little understanding about the geek-tech talk to parry these statements: “Uhm… OK!”

To provide a service to people who want to know more about the use of iPads in business we’ve started a new blog solely dedicated to this subject. The blog, creatively dubbed: iPadtoWork.com collects articles related to the use of iPads (well, also iPhones) in a corporate environment. It’s just a collecting blog, no more, no less (and it’s still a bit under construction, so working on the logo..). But it could be a good start bookmarking this site and keep up to date on these exiting developments. And start talking back to those IT guys.

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  1. Erik –

    Wrote up some thoughts this week on the iPad and its potential to displace laptops. Still a ways to go before iPad is ready for regular business user. But I fully expect it to get there. The post:



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