The Video of ELI – Making of Day 1

ELI Inc, a US-based company ‘gets it’. They not only use video in their training courses of their Civil Treatment Learning Program, but once they go to Europe with their curriculum they also realized that cultural differences in the many audiences we have here may require a different approach towards the content of these videos. That’s why they decided to ‘redo’ their video series and ‘internationalize’ them. And who you’re gonna call to ‘redo’? DigiRedo 😉

Today we had our first shoot in Amsterdam. Two producers from Atlanta (GA), a director from Chicago, two Indian speaking actors, an entire Dutch production crew, two HD cameras and lots of cables and light bulbs. In this hectic setting there was only one goal: make great video.

So we did…

A crisis! Now what?

Social Media, you can’t ignore it, even if you’re offline. Take yesterday. I was reading a newspaper on the train and read about social media and the Egyptian revolution, about a mysterious disease at a Playboy party discovered through Facebook and Twitter and about Collegiaal, a new Dutch online community where you can celebrate or remember a colleague. As I said: you can’t ignore the presence of Social Media. But how to deal with it, professionally? Can, or should you ignore Social Media? As a company? Or is that is practicing ostrich politics: take your head out of the sand in 5 years time and you feel like you’re left behind in the Stone Age.

Any serious company should realize the importance of Social Media. And I know, most of us do not work for Nike, Lego or The Roger Smith Hotel, companies that are very social media savvy. No, many of us work for companies that are either hesitant or afraid of using it. And if we’re using it, we wonder how to use it whilst not losing control over our brands and messages. But Social Media is disruptive, just because there is no control.

And then it happens. A comedian starts twittering about T-mobile’s customer service. An oil pipe of BP bursts, deep into the ocean. Moms massively respond through social media to a Motrin ad (a painkiller) in Saturday’s newspaper. Nestle ‘kindly’ asks their Facebook fans not too mess with their logo. Within days, damage is done. Why? Because those companies were not prepared for the power of social media or used it in completely the wrong manner.

News travels fast and bad news travels at light speed. So you better know what’s being said and where it’s being said. That means you need to listen. Listen to what people say about you on Facebook, on Twitter or anywhere else in the social media space where your audience is active. And know how to respond when the sh*t hits the fan.

Crisis management and Social Media, that’s what we’re going to talk about on Day 2 at KGS’s Enterprise Social 2.0 on March 9 in Brussels. I’ll be chairing a workshop where we will talk about how to deal with a crisis in social media. We will share our thoughts and experiences and see what to do when an actual crisis emerges.

Something KLM does understand. During the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull many travelers were stuck on airports throughout Europe. KLM informed and connected with their customers by successfully using Facebook and Twitter. On Day 1, March 8, Roy Scheerder, Vice President Marketing at KLM will explain how they did this and what they learned form this crisis. (Before I froget, LEGO and the Roger Smith Hotel will share their experiences as well)

So, be prepared for a crisis. Start today with preparing yourself. Follow ALAS: first become Aware what social media really means, start Listening to your audience and know where to find them, and finally, Act. But don’t forget to base your actions on a Strategy.

Know what to do. Don’t wait for the crisis.

See you all March 8 and 9 in Brussels.

Interview Guy Kawasaki – Marketing Pioneers 2011 Congress

There are only so many people we want to have in front of our camera to interview. We were lucky that we’ve already had some great people ‘captured forever’ in the digital format, and now we can add another ‘Guru’ to our Hall of Fame: Guy Kawasaki. On the Marketing Pioneers Congress last week  he presented his new book ‘Enchantment’ and we had a chance to have a short interview with him. Obviously, we grabbed this chance with both hands. An interview about enchantment, ‘Dutch drop’, Facebook pages, MAP and pioneering.

What makes a person a ‘Marketing Pioneer’?
Kawasaki: “If you dare to use new technologies before they become mainstream. Currently these are Twitter and Facebook, but think also Gowalla, Foursquare and Loopt. Think also about the impact Groupon has. What does this mean, really? And there’s lots of work to be done in analytics; which value does your initiatives on Facebook provide you? Many followers is not equal to high impact.

Are you a Marketing Pioneer yourself?
“Well, I’m for sure no laggard. I am not the first in everything. I started late with Twitter and blogging”

And Apple. How did Apple change the way you look at innovation?
“Working at Apple completely changed my view on reality. I learned from Steve Jobs that a really good product must have a good user interface, that this is important for many people. And not only the price is important. I have also learned that a good product does not necessarily mean best sales. After all, the Mac has only 10% market share.

Doing new stuff, pioneering within a large organization. What is the biggest challenge for people who want to pioneer. What tips do you have?
Ask forgiveness instead of permission. Don’t go to the VP-level. The higher you go in an organization, the thinner the air. The thinner the air, the more difficult it is to support intelligent life.”

Your new book, “Enchantment”. What’s your elevator pitch, taking into account that the buildings in Holland are not very tall.
“Enchantment helps you to capture the heart and soul of people. It helps to please people, so that they become loyal customers.”

What’s the difference between enchantment and evangelism?
“Evangelizing is selling on the basis of a dream. Enchantment is about total relationships; you do not only buy a Mac, but everything: the iPhone, iPad, i-whatever. Anything that comes out of the pipeline of Apple. Enchantment is a higher level of delight.”

How do you enchant your employees?
The best way is MAP: Mastery – making sure employees master what they are doing, Autonomy – empower the employees, give them freedom to choose, and Purpose – make their work meaningful. This things are as important, if not more important, than money.”

Where can we find your book?
“Funny. This really is a marketing question. I had to choose between a website for the book, or a Facebook page. I chose for the Facebook page. There are so many advantages having a Facebook page. You have less evil hate-filled people and spammers. Most people are who they are on Facebook, that provides a buffering effect. Links are built-in, pictures, status updates. It’s a nice controlled garden or a product such as my book.”

Exploring co-operation, and finding an office along the way

If there’s anybody saying that Twitter doesn’t provide business opportunities, read on.

Two years ago we started to follow @rohal on Twitter, because he seems to provide interesting information about healthcare in relation to social media. It was only a year later that we met Rob Halkes (his real name) IRL, obviously on a pharma congress. We exchanged some info about our companies and our passion for social media in healthcare. We stayed in touch through the twittersphere.

Fast forward a year and we met again on Medicine 2.0 in Maastricht, this time on the tweetup of #HCSMEU. Rob kindly invited us to his office in Waardenburg, a small town in the middle of the Netherlands. It appeared in our discussions that we were both passioned about possibilities of new communication technologies to business, healthcare, and pharma. We expect it to change these fields quickly and completely. And that became the start of a new adventure.

Rob Halkes leads the Medical and Life Sciences Division of the Van Spaendock Management Consultants. Rob has extensive experience in the market of pharmaceutical and life sciences. He has been working at strategic change, innovation and professional development with executive, marketing, sales and medical management. Before that he has been a lecturer at Tilburg University.

In the pharmaceutical industry his group is currently developing “value innovation” as a new business model, differentiating the market approach to segmented DMUs, innovating sales force effectiveness, segmentation and targeting, marketing and communication, KOL, CRM, multichannel management. In the Netherlands his team has worked for the major pharmaceutical companies.

Van Spaendock Management Consultants is part of the Van Spaendonck Group and are specialized in change processes and also have activities in the fields of Trade & Industry, and Government.

The activities of Van Spaendonck fits perfectly with our vision of implementing change using digital technologies. On a higher level, we believe that these technologies evoke change or at least have a catalytic effect on this changing environment. It seems that DigiRedo and Van Spaendonck share this vision. How valuable could it be to bring a shared vision to the market?

We have agreed to further explore synergies between DigiRedo and Van Spaendock. It will be awesome, so stay tuned. One synergy has already been effectuated: office space. Van Spaendock houses in a beautiful 16th century castle in the town of Waardenburg (actually, the foundation is much older, but that’s a long story). On the first floor some offices were empty and we were invited to rent this part of the castle to establish our first headquarters of DigiRedo. How could we resist being part of such a rich Dutch historical setting, so we duly accepted ;-). From this week on, DigiRedo will work, brainstorm, drink coffee and meet guests in a pretty awesome environment. And the fact that the castle seems to be in the top 5 of haunted castles in the Netherlands? Well, at least we have a story to tell.

You’re most welcome to drop by. You can find us at:

Castle Waardenburg

Waalbandijk 13

4181 AN Waardenburg

Cheers! On a new adventure. Kuddos to Mindy for taking care of the bubbles...

Our new 'home'


It was an awesome day

Stay tuned for more…

Yep, we’re baaaack!

We haven’t been very faithful to our readers. A lot of things have happened the last month of 2010 and it was a true roller-coaster from a professional and personal point of view. Some bad (see previous post), but fortunately mostly good. We look back to a great 2010 where we again were able to create some great concepts, met inspiring people and worked hard to further establish our position in the market. And a crazy market it is. Mobile took off like a rocker and 2010 will be seen as the year ‘it really started’. We’re not blind for these developments, so expect some great news on this soon.

We have caressing named two thousand and eleven ‘Time To Grow Up’. No strings attached anymore to an employer, we are on our own completely. We have identified the following fields of attention:

  • Build and implement great digital concepts
  • Extend our network to meet inspiring people
  • Build the team and get a house.

Not only developing but also building and implementing digital concepts that fit like a glove has always been our passion and we continue to invest in that. There are too many agencies bullshitting around with nice words about new/social/digital media. “Yeah, let’s make a Twitter account for you, and combine it with a Facebook page”. But what about the change process within a company? Or your customers? Are they ready for it? Don’t get me wrong, we truly believe in the changes caused by digital, but we also like to develop concepts that actually provide a value for the customer. And for that, most companies have to go through a cultural change, or -like one of our customers wisely stated- a cultural enhancement. You need a new leadership, one that not only understands the true power of these technologies but also provides the headspace for empowered employees to actually use these tools. A leadership that motivates employees, not with a carrot and a stick but by giving work a purpose. Related to this we are true believers in the thinking of Li (Open Leadership), McAfee (Enterprise 2.0), Solis (Engage), Pink (Drive) and Bernoff (Empowered) (yep, we’re reading them all, as we speak). We know a few Leaders (and I think with a capital L) who understand these challenges and act accordingly. But boy, do we meet also some so-called leaders who will soon join the destiny of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

We want to be amazed. Amazed by the thoughts of other people. And we want to meet people to further extend our network. We do not believe in a traditional way of ‘advertising’, we believe in the power of a network. One of the really great things about being an entrepreneur is the ability to meet truly inspiring people, people with a passion and with a story. Collect wise people around you and you never look stupid…

We can only make our dream come true if we have people around us who are as passionate about making great stuff as we are. Whether it is a film, a website, a workshop or an animation. We are fortunate to have found these people and we thank them for their  dedication. We’re looking forward to another great year of co-operation. Digital Nomads as we are, we also like to have a ‘safe home’ and work together on projects. We think we found something. Stay tuned for more.

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