Yep, we’re baaaack!

We haven’t been very faithful to our readers. A lot of things have happened the last month of 2010 and it was a true roller-coaster from a professional and personal point of view. Some bad (see previous post), but fortunately mostly good. We look back to a great 2010 where we again were able to create some great concepts, met inspiring people and worked hard to further establish our position in the market. And a crazy market it is. Mobile took off like a rocker and 2010 will be seen as the year ‘it really started’. We’re not blind for these developments, so expect some great news on this soon.

We have caressing named two thousand and eleven ‘Time To Grow Up’. No strings attached anymore to an employer, we are on our own completely. We have identified the following fields of attention:

  • Build and implement great digital concepts
  • Extend our network to meet inspiring people
  • Build the team and get a house.

Not only developing but also building and implementing digital concepts that fit like a glove has always been our passion and we continue to invest in that. There are too many agencies bullshitting around with nice words about new/social/digital media. “Yeah, let’s make a Twitter account for you, and combine it with a Facebook page”. But what about the change process within a company? Or your customers? Are they ready for it? Don’t get me wrong, we truly believe in the changes caused by digital, but we also like to develop concepts that actually provide a value for the customer. And for that, most companies have to go through a cultural change, or -like one of our customers wisely stated- a cultural enhancement. You need a new leadership, one that not only understands the true power of these technologies but also provides the headspace for empowered employees to actually use these tools. A leadership that motivates employees, not with a carrot and a stick but by giving work a purpose. Related to this we are true believers in the thinking of Li (Open Leadership), McAfee (Enterprise 2.0), Solis (Engage), Pink (Drive) and Bernoff (Empowered) (yep, we’re reading them all, as we speak). We know a few Leaders (and I think with a capital L) who understand these challenges and act accordingly. But boy, do we meet also some so-called leaders who will soon join the destiny of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

We want to be amazed. Amazed by the thoughts of other people. And we want to meet people to further extend our network. We do not believe in a traditional way of ‘advertising’, we believe in the power of a network. One of the really great things about being an entrepreneur is the ability to meet truly inspiring people, people with a passion and with a story. Collect wise people around you and you never look stupid…

We can only make our dream come true if we have people around us who are as passionate about making great stuff as we are. Whether it is a film, a website, a workshop or an animation. We are fortunate to have found these people and we thank them for their  dedication. We’re looking forward to another great year of co-operation. Digital Nomads as we are, we also like to have a ‘safe home’ and work together on projects. We think we found something. Stay tuned for more.

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