Exploring co-operation, and finding an office along the way

If there’s anybody saying that Twitter doesn’t provide business opportunities, read on.

Two years ago we started to follow @rohal on Twitter, because he seems to provide interesting information about healthcare in relation to social media. It was only a year later that we met Rob Halkes (his real name) IRL, obviously on a pharma congress. We exchanged some info about our companies and our passion for social media in healthcare. We stayed in touch through the twittersphere.

Fast forward a year and we met again on Medicine 2.0 in Maastricht, this time on the tweetup of #HCSMEU. Rob kindly invited us to his office in Waardenburg, a small town in the middle of the Netherlands. It appeared in our discussions that we were both passioned about possibilities of new communication technologies to business, healthcare, and pharma. We expect it to change these fields quickly and completely. And that became the start of a new adventure.

Rob Halkes leads the Medical and Life Sciences Division of the Van Spaendock Management Consultants. Rob has extensive experience in the market of pharmaceutical and life sciences. He has been working at strategic change, innovation and professional development with executive, marketing, sales and medical management. Before that he has been a lecturer at Tilburg University.

In the pharmaceutical industry his group is currently developing “value innovation” as a new business model, differentiating the market approach to segmented DMUs, innovating sales force effectiveness, segmentation and targeting, marketing and communication, KOL, CRM, multichannel management. In the Netherlands his team has worked for the major pharmaceutical companies.

Van Spaendock Management Consultants is part of the Van Spaendonck Group and are specialized in change processes and also have activities in the fields of Trade & Industry, and Government.

The activities of Van Spaendonck fits perfectly with our vision of implementing change using digital technologies. On a higher level, we believe that these technologies evoke change or at least have a catalytic effect on this changing environment. It seems that DigiRedo and Van Spaendonck share this vision. How valuable could it be to bring a shared vision to the market?

We have agreed to further explore synergies between DigiRedo and Van Spaendock. It will be awesome, so stay tuned. One synergy has already been effectuated: office space. Van Spaendock houses in a beautiful 16th century castle in the town of Waardenburg (actually, the foundation is much older, but that’s a long story). On the first floor some offices were empty and we were invited to rent this part of the castle to establish our first headquarters of DigiRedo. How could we resist being part of such a rich Dutch historical setting, so we duly accepted ;-). From this week on, DigiRedo will work, brainstorm, drink coffee and meet guests in a pretty awesome environment. And the fact that the castle seems to be in the top 5 of haunted castles in the Netherlands? Well, at least we have a story to tell.

You’re most welcome to drop by. You can find us at:

Castle Waardenburg

Waalbandijk 13

4181 AN Waardenburg

Cheers! On a new adventure. Kuddos to Mindy for taking care of the bubbles...

Our new 'home'


17 Responses to Exploring co-operation, and finding an office along the way

  1. Tristan says:

    Congrats guys! X

  2. Cathrin says:

    Wow! Looks great! Good luck. Let me know when the office-warming takes place… 😉

  3. Andrew Spong says:

    Three of my favourite people in European health communications, now all in one place 🙂

    This is great!

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  5. Roeland Wessels says:

    Working on the future….
    from an historical past!

    Congratulations and good luck to all of you!

    Roeland Wessels

    p.s. How’s Wifi working inside these tons of solid stone?

    • digiredo says:

      Working on the future, from a historical past.. BRILLIANT! I might one day ask you permission to use this phrase Roeland.

      Wifi is very good, considering each room has its own hotspot 😉

  6. Elly van der Zijden says:

    Looks good!!!!

  7. Some times you are lucky and find a perfect fit. Well done guys and what a location!!!
    We look forwrad to the opening party :-))

  8. gabriel says:

    Guys, great!!! Following you from a distance, and I can see that soon my prediction can become true and you will start to look for a nightguard…… 🙂

    Just give me a call than, may consider 🙂

    Hug from PARIS


  9. Floor says:

    Very anxious to see the castle and your office ‘in person’.
    Just promise me that you will never leave last and / or in the dark….it still creeps me out a bit.

    Love, Floor

  10. Karin Jager Norway says:

    Congratulations from Norway! Nice filming location too! Best regards, Karin

  11. Marco says:

    Great job guys, well done!
    Enough space to rent out for business meetings?


  12. Wow what an awesome place to start as first HQ! Good location, you can reach it easily! Good luck guys.

  13. Arne Stoffer says:

    Wow! Congrats, that’s one amazing office. Cheers, Arne

  14. Ans says:

    What a nice plase , wish you all the best in that lovely plase

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