Out and about in Boston: Enterprise 2.0 conference

For people following us in Twitter and/or Facebook, you might have noticed that we have settled ourselves for a week of hefty intellectual knowledge absorption on the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, USA. Two years ago we visited this conference for the first time, and it was an instant hit for us. Although we like the parties on SXSW, the E2.0 conference is just a different ball game. More serious, more business and more practical for DigiRedo. So this year we decided to spend our annual US trip to go to this conference instead.

The conference will kick off with a day of in-depth workshops. We have chosen to go to the ‘Black Belt Practitioner’s In-Depth Workshop’:

In this full-day lecture and interactive workshop, learn first hand from practitioners who have tackled adoption, architecture, change management, community management, education, governance, and the realities of living through an Enterprise 2.0 transformation. The workshop will cover the Social Business opportunity from inside out. Chock full of real-life anecdotes and time/money saving advice from Global 2000 companies who’ve been there, done that and are ready to share.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be covered by thirteen (!) tracks, varying from Analytics & Metrics to Community Management, from Business Leadership to the Mobile Enterprise. See the full program here.

We have been doing quite a few Enterprise 2.0 implementation processes and learned along the way. What we found particularly interesting is not so much the technology (though we do remain geeks) but more the people who will be using the technology, and the environment created by enterprises to enroll in an E2.0 process. Way too often we see that the ‘human factor’ is not taken into account sufficiently,  thereby running the risk that the entire program is not adopted, or worse, sabotaged. We hope to be able to find answers during this week as to how to engage the audience and how to spark their enthusiasm to actually start using E2.0 platforms.

Furthermore we of course expect to see some new cool stuff and cutting-edge technologies in the field of Enterprise 2.0 platforms and to speak to a few industry leaders in this field. Armed with our camera and microphone we will be doing coverage for our bloggers, so stay tuned!

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