My interview with Vincent Evers

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Sometimes it seems that a day is just different as you’d have expected. Take last Wednesday. I was at the office of Remco Bron from Innovader, So Many Thoughts and a bunch of other things, together with Erich Taubert, our partner in the development of one of our medical apps. In the middle of the conversation Vincent Evers, a Dutch Gadget Opinion Leader, joined the discussion. After a few minutes of talked medical tech Vincent explained that he’s currently experimenting with an electric car. But Vincent being Vincent, he does that..differently.

Meet Leafplan: a project where 6 cameras inside the car record everything what happens in the car. Vincent uses the car to explain about green technologies, and to interview for him interesting people. And he does so in a total geeky, gadget-stylish way: you enter the car, teak a seat behind the wheel (he let’s you drive), he jots your name, company, interests, e-mail and Twitter name in an app, pushes record and off you go. In a 10 minute drive he asks the driver all sorts of things related to new developments, among other things. After the drive is over, he taps the ‘Stop’ button on his app. Then the magic happens: the movie is being converted, a pre- and post roll including lower-third titles are being added, it’s uploaded to YouTube and an e-mail is sent to the interviewee once ready. O yeah, it puts it on Twitter as well. Mind you, with just one tap of the button.

Pretty cool. Even cooler when he asked us to be interviewed by him. We couldn’t resist. If it was only to drive in a super fast electric car. And fast it is…

(sorry, it’s in Dutch)

One Response to My interview with Vincent Evers

  1. Antra says:

    Laba intervija 🙂

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