Macca of Mac Zealots

You really didn’t believe that I was going to leave New York without a visit to the Apple Store? The Apple Store? I heard that during daytime the crowd was too overwhelming and the line to get in obnoxious long. So I thought I paid the Glass Cube a visit around 11 pm. Conveniently located nearby my hotel on 5th Avenue, there it was, in the middle of a little square. 

The Apple logo clearly lit and the place buzzing of people. You go down the well-known glass stairs, entering the divine place of The Apple. Several priests walk around with little devices in their hand. It later turned out that you can pay at those priests. The Apple Store has no cashiers so basically you can pay anywhere. 

There was a line waiting to catch a glimpse of the latest Apple Relic: the iPhone 3G. A direct descendant from Lord Jobs, this little device once owned will change your life forever. Each day this line forms again since there are only a few hundreds of iPhones arriving each day. The faithful followers receive a voucher with which they can stand in line for about 5 to 6 hours. After the necessary ceremonial monetary exchange they go home. Happier, fullfilled, and yet again an increased status.

Everybody who knows me a bit better realizes that I will stand in line for a few hours as well, obeying the Reality Distortion Field (RDF) of Steve Jobs. Unfortunately it isn’t possible anymore to just buy the iPhone, get it through customs and hack it away. Now I have to learn to live with the fact that there are people in Oss (of all places) who surpass me in this ever frantic race of coolness…

3D desktop with Wii remote

A lot of people are looking for the ‘next big thing’ on desktop development and many think it’s gonna be a 3D environment. But how to get that? Using advanced technologies in screens? Colored pixels with colored glasses? Holograms? Johny Lee thinks the Wii remote would do just fine:

Nice tool for podcasters

Like most podcasters, we have around 7 iPods laying around. I collect the devices like I used to collect Star Wars action figures when I was 12 (well, honestly, 24). An iPod nano for running, a 60GB for the ‘no-think-what-I-have -to-put-on-the-iPod-because-it’s-full’ iPod, the one with the phone crambled in (what’s the name again?), a shuffle because life is sort of random…

Fortunately I found yet another reason to buy  a new iPod: the Belkin iPod Mobile Podcast Studio. This little wonder, introduced at the CES has a dual XLR and 1/4-inch channels. No clue what these channels do, but 1/4 sounds impressive…

And for $100, it’s a bargain. Available in June.


Yeah, we got them!

Whatever you think of the US of A, they’re able to bring you a joy of undescribable proportions…

iPhone stag

(please, don’t tell customs…)

Check our blog!

…and yes, she’s hacked (sorry Luke, you’re facing a solo-hack-night)

The iPod Revolution

Found an interesting Discovery documentary on YouTube about the way the iPod revolutionized an entiry industry. Lots of great examples of brand building, communities and marketing. My favorite: Duke University decided that all freshmen were given iPods as an educational tool. The students in higher classes of course disliked that idea, since they were not given these iPods. It became obvious that you were a freshman since you were wearing the white ear buds. So what happens when you are a senior and you’re wearing white ear buds (from your own iPod)? Exactly, people might think you’re a freshman. And that is certainly something you don’t want. Collectively all students in highre classes decided (or were forced) to buy other color ear buds…

See the documentary here (part 1 of 5):

One week post launch


$ 1.5 billion in buzzvertising. Was it all worth? What happened with the iPhone in the first week of its infancy. A short wrap-up.

  • Apple sold about 500,000 iPhones during launch day. Mind you, that is approx. $250 million in just one day (give or take a few million $). Clearly this has been the biggest launch in the US history, value-wise. Some analysts even think they go beyond 700,000 units.
  • There have been some glitches with the activation of the iPhone (which happens at home through iTunes) but that was mainly with people who wanted to transfer their existing number. Seems to be resolved now.
  • At this moment all iPhones are sold out.
  • AT&T has confirmed that 1,000,000 iPhones were activated in one week.
  • The reviews have been raving. CBS News says that it is a ‘truly remarkable accomplishment, innovative, inspired’, TIME says: ‘the best phone anybody has ever made, ever’, the Philidelphia inquirer wrote that the ‘iPhone rocks’. BusinessWeek gives the iPhone 4.5 stars out of 5.
  • One point of citicism was that you could not change the battery. Apple has released a battery replacement program. For $85.95 per unit you can change your battery out of warranty.
  • Stock of Apple have soared to an all time high (as we write it’s $132.14)
  • iPhone buyers in the queue waiting for their iPhone: 95% bought the 8GB, 75% were Mac users, 68% said to continue using their iPod, 48% was already customer of AT&T (that means that AT&T got 500,000 customers in one week)

Walt Mossberg, the famous Wall Street Journal hi-tech reporter has posted his first findings on YouTube:

There are even some unhidden features which were unlocked by some customers:

Engagdet has put one of the best reviews of the new device on the net. Of course there were also some critical notes. Ten things you should know about the iPhone before you bu can be found here.

Well, here in Europe we have to wait for a few months anyway. By then we hope most early ‘problems’ will be solved. We’re already putting some money aside.

Salvation is near


Since almost everybody is writing about the iPhone lately, our blog is a bit behind in this respect. That doesn’t mean that we are not overly excited about Apple’s new toy.June 29, the day mobile telephonie changed. “It’s an iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator”, for those of you who saw the introduction of the wonder device by Steve Jobs in January.

Since then the company was able to create a buzz which is even for today’s standard beyond any marketers comprehension. Up till the actual launch, Apple has earned $1.5 billion worth of buzz marketing. See the graph for yourself:


At it’s introduction, 1.5% of the blogs in the blogosphere wrote about the iPhone. Buzz is increasing again towards the launch this Friday. Would be interesting to see what happens after that.

Apple is master in creating buzz, but this time they really put all valves in action. Read what can be found on the net which impresses me most:

– The iPhone is the next big thing after Graham Bell invented the phone (source)
– Apple will most probably make $200 million in the first 4 hours of sales (source)
– Apple and AT&T have hired 2,000 people extra for ‘crowd control’ (source)
– The first shipment of iPhones arrived from Asia in the States, under armed control (source)

Will the iPhone deliver? Well, after I saw the 25 minutes instruction movie I have little doubt. I can’t wait to try it out myself, though Europe has to wait till end of this year. Oh well, we might get the second revision.

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