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In a recent study done by Permission TV it became once again clear: Online Video (OV) is here to stay. More and more businesses are seeing the true potential of using video in engaging their audience, be it internal or external. We just came back from a marketing managers meeting for a pharma company in Brussels where we showed a few of our videos. Everytime we see the smiling faces and enthusiatsic reactions of the people watching the vidoes we know we hit the right spot. 

According to the article:

Advertising, marketing and media executives will increasingly migrate from a planning and experimentation phase to significantly increase implementation of their online video initiatives in 2009, a recent survey of more than 400 senior-level decision makers, has revealed. The survey, conducted by PermissionTV, identified online video as the top priority for digital marketing budgets, and also demonstrated a strong preference among marketers for increased sophistication and interactivity in online video capabilities to help promote their brands.

“As corporate and brand marketers look to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of digital marketing initiatives, online video will play an increasingly critical role in all interactive campaigns,” said Matt Kaplan, VP of Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer of PermissionTV. “These survey results demonstrate the strategic importance of online video in the overall marketing mix, as well a growing requirement for more sophisticated video experiences.”

Some other important key findings:

  • Almost 75% of the respondents said that OV will be a primary focus in digital marketing campaigns.
  • In the next quarter, 52% indicated to be implementing videoprojects.
  • Almost 60% said the next big thing is interactive videos and the use of interactive non-linear storytelling is believed to be the next big thing.
  • 33% said that most likely digital initiatives are not to be affected by budget cuts.
  • The majority (71%) is using OV to help brand awareness.


Bring it on!


DigiRedo does Barcelona (again)


We just returned from an exciting trip to Barcelona (see previous post). So what are our experiences?

First and foremost, it seems that Big Pharma is really getting interested in Web 2.0 and the implications it has on the business. The second day was devoted mainly to Web 2.0 and new media in general. After an interesting presentation of Craig DeLarge (Novo Nordisk) we kicked off with our presentation about internal podcasting. The day ended with a panel discussion about the do’s and don’ts of Web 2.0 in pharma marketing, how to start Web 2.0 initiatives in this very regulated market and how to overcome internal hurdles. There was quite some interaction from the audience.

We did interviews with the following Key Speakers of the Pharma Marketing and the Generics congress:

  • Reinhard Angelmar – Professor of Marketing (INSEAD, France)
  • Ian Talmage – Senior Vice President Global Strategic Marketing (Bayer Schering Pharma, Germany)
  • Craig A. DeLarge – Associate Director eMarketing (Novo Nordisk, USA)
  • Keith Allan – Head of Global Advocacy (Novartis, Switzerland)
  • Brian Tempest – Chief Mentor and Executive Vice Chairman (Ranbaxy, India)
  • Nazmul Hassan – CEO (Beximco Pharmaceutical, Bangladesh)
  • Georg Cubuk – Managing Director (Esparma, Germany)

These people really had a very interesting story and we’ll sure link to these interviews as soon as Jacob Fleming puts them online.

It goes without saying that such conferences require a lot of preparation. The team of Jacob Fleming did a wonderful job and we sincerely would like to thank Samuel, Marina, Veronika and Petra for their contribution.

More news about these congresses later.


Our ‘studio’.


The post production editing room.


3/5th of the Expert Panel on Web 2.0 in Pharma.


The Jacob Fleming Team (Except for Samuel, who should be on this picture too. We promise to do that the next time we meet…)

DigiRedo does Kecskemét

Say again? Kecskemét is a city about an hour drive from Budapest, Hungary. There we went for our final trip for the Best Practice podcast series. This Best Practice focusses on human resources and motivation of employees. They came up with a simple yet powerful tool to motivate their people, and given the enthusiasm of them it was a success.

Anyway, it was yet again a great experience (and we got a nice party in a trendy place downtown Budapest as well).


DigiRedo does Disney

No doubt Disney is one of the strongest brands in the world. We were even told that the awareness of Mickey Mouse in the target audience (kids) is 100%. It’s every marketers dream to establish this brand power. But make no mistake, Disney protects its brand like a mother protects her children.

Also because of that we were impressed by the achievements of Zeelandia Italy with respect to the marketing of their Disney k!ds bread.

We had a great time and it is always good to see that the enthusiasm of people. The notice of management to involve all employees in the success is a critical and yet rewarding path to follow.

If only more companies would follow that advice…


DigiRedo does Milano

Innovation and water. What do these two have in common? We’ve asked the global suppliers of Veolia Water and Solutions in Milano, where we made an impression of their Global Suppliers Day.

Veolia believes that the communication within the company about these events will improve significantly using techniques such as video. We couldn’t agree more.


DigiRedo does Gothenburg

Another interesting project and a great example of how New Media can be used for internal communication purposes. How do you share successful ideas effectively within an organisation? Exactly, through an engaging video report. Zeelandia, an international Dutch company producing bakery ingredients, is using video podcasting for the communication of Best Practices within their organisation. Because why should an idea, which is successfully developed and implemented in Sweden, not also work in Poland and Belgium? For that reason we went to Gothenburg to make a video report of the Best Practice of Zeelandia’s subsidiairy in Sweden. Telling the story by the people who developed the idea and by their customers who successfully are using it in their own businesses, is the most enaging and convincing way to motivate and enthousiasmize the Zeelandia colleagues abroad.

Hence the Power of Storytelling.


DigiRedo does Prague

It seems that New Media is really international because we don’t seem to be able to stop travelling. For Jacob Fleming, one of our clients, we went to Prague to fim their congress on Public Private Partnership in Central and Eastern Europe. An excerpt from their website:

“Central and Eastern Europe continues to be a very active market for PPP projects. There is a growing trend to analyze the opportunities that PPP schemes offer. The key drivers of successful projects tends to be in more education and practical examples, availability of EU grants and improvement of legal or institutional PPP framework.”

Very interesting subject of which you can learn more here. We sure met a lot of interesting people.

Soon on our TV channel: the impression of the PPP congress.


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