Corporate podcasting example

Meet Annemieke. Annemieke is the host of one of our major podcast projects. In this corporate podcast project the company is using this tool to improve communication internally, in order to implement a new strategy. All 40 employees will get an iPod (touch!) – OK, it remains property of the company but you can put on it whatever you like.

Each week we produce together with Annemieke an audio podcast, covering the latest and the greatest on the developments within this company, of course with a strong link to the new strategy. Each month we make a video podcast.

Tomorrow is the kick-off of this major project, and Annemieke is a bit nervous. So am I…

DigiRedo does Zurich

After Geneve we went to Basel and Zurich, to do another interview. Interesting discussion on marketing in the heavy regulated pharmaceutical world, and the impact of Web 2.0 on this world. Wonderful office, by the way. After the interviews we went for a short walk downtown to get some food. Unfortunately a very short walk, since we had to start the postproduction right away. And catch a plane tomorrow at 6.45 hours..

DigiRedo does Geneve

For one of our clients we went to Switzerland, to do interviews with key people of 2 major pharmaceutical companies. Switzerland is nice.. Geneve is a great place to be, especially Sunday evening, strolling on the boulevard next to the fountain.Work can be hard sometimes…Anyway, before you might even consider that we are wasting our clients time: it’s Sunday and tomorrow the alarm clock will wake us up at 6:00 hours to prepare for the first interview.Life can be hard too, sometimes…

Less is more: the concept of Zen presentation

As New Media evangelists we frequently attend congresses and meetings and at some we are privileged to give a presentation. When attending these meetings I am not only interested in the content of the presentations, but certainly also on how the presentations are given. And, what a great examples you encounter how not to present. And the slides they make! Don McMillan has a good way of saying it:


Scary isn’t it? I mean, not that it is funny, that even depends on your personal taste. No, the scary thing is that it is so true. I’ve seen it happen over and over again!

So what to do about it? When I started presenting, I stumbled in the same pitfall. Because there is so much you want to share. And before you know it you become a slave of your own slides. So here are some valuable tips on how to present and how to design your slides.

OK, your slides are done, and are now more a lead for your story rather then leading your story. But how to tell the story? Cause, that is really the true art. And before becoming an artist you need inspiration.

Then I met Steve Jobs (well, not in the flesh that is) and I was amazed by his way of presenting. And by his slide management. Truly Zen. Keep it simple, keep it natural, keep it clear.

Wanna know what I mean?

Presentation Zen on Jobs’ presentation style

“>Jobs’ presentation of the iPhone

One last tip. it’s worthwhile to follow the blog of presentation Zen. It’s inspiring for sure.



And did I improve? Yes I did, and although it takes a long time to become a Zen master, I will get there…

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