The future of pharma e-marketing

Just read an interesting article on eyeforpharma’s social networksite about the future of pharma e-marketing. They talk about social networking tools and advanced physician portals, streaming videos and closed loop strategies.

Len Starnes, Head of Global Digital Sales for Bayer Schering Pharma indicates that: “Over the next few years, the biggest external impact will be seen on pharma’s interactions with patients, followed closely by the influence on the industry’s online relationship with doctors.” Even more interesting is that Starnes indicates that “social media also is poised to drive significant change internally in pharmaceutical organizations as they strive for productivity and efficiency gains”.

Well, we all know that this is exactly the message we have been preaching. Good to see that Starnes agrees with our vision.

The article continues with saying that US advertising budgets are changing, focussing less on television. Nothing new here, since less and less people are spending time behind this passive medium. Online spending therefore is “up with a lot of room to grow”. Could be. However I still feel that advertisement on TV is the same as advertisement on the web: make it too commercial and people won’t believe it anymore. Wake up, something is going on. Forget about the smooth and slick commercials, time for something different. Also in pharma.

The article then continues describing the power of online video, as explained by Kathleen Oneial, a former vice president of marketing channels at Novartis and Merck. “It’s a wonderful format for consumers and physicians and now that we have such widely available broadband, video will become a big part of how we communicate,” she predicts. “We’ve seen the profound impact of YouTube and others. Video will become an important tool for marketers and we’ll need agencies that have this capability.”

The article of course ends with the usual ‘it’s-so-difficult-in-pharma’ but “those innovative and dedicated enough to do it have greater competitive advantage”.

Say no more.

Full article here.

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