Inspiring National Marketing Day in Holland

Yesterday, June 25, the first (Dutch) National Marketing Day (NL) was organized in Nieuwegein, which is in the center of Holland. Quite comfortable for me, as I live in Utrecht, just a few kilometers away from the Business Center where this event took place. The entire event was free of charge(!), which is special on one hand, but not so surprising on the other as we currently live in a world where we give away a lot in exchange for contact, conversation and knowledge. Main sponsors for this event were Marketing Tribune (NL), Marketing Facts (NL), MEC (NL) and Emerce (NL), so, to all three, a great big thank you from DigiRedo in making this event possible.

Not only free, an exiting event as well I must say. A lot of interesting and inspiring speakers, among which Richard van Hooijdonk from Marketing Monday (NL). Richard is one of the most important consultants in Holland on Marketing 2.0. We had a short interview with him.

There was more: Joris van Heukelom (NL), the new CEO of Ilse Media (NL), the largest internet publisher in The Netherlands, told us that the internet is still in its infancy, more and more changes are to be expected within a short period of our time. Those of you who think that we’ve just passed the biggest wave of change are wrong. Says van Heukelom.

That significant changes are to be expected shortly was demonstrated by Menno van Doorn (NL) of VINT, a research institute in new technology. Together with VINT colleagues, Menno wrote the book, Me the Media, about the history and future of the third media revolution. An interesting book (which we immediately have ordered, a review will follow).
But that was not the most astonishing of the presentation, the demonstration of augmented reality was. Soon, it will be possible to pull up graphics out of your tv, computer or mobile phone that will become an integrated part of you environment. (See also How stuff works). In the demo a virtual car appeared on he table. And if that wasn’t enough, someone in the audience was asked to park the car in a parking lot, that was drwn o a piece of paper. Talking about experience…

We’re curious where marketing is by the time of the second National Marketing Day…

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