Results New Media Awareness Session Kwaliteitskring Noord Holland

My dear English readers, have no fear. ‘Kwaliteitskring Noord Holland’ just means ‘Quality Group Northern Holland’, i.e. an organization linking people together working in Quality-related functions (e.g. Quality Assurance, etc). There are several Quality Groups in the Netherlands, totalling some 2,000 people. Quite a community I would say.

I was asked to give a 2 hour New Media Awareness Session for the members of the Northern Holland Group. Good to see that also board members of other Groups participated.

Apparently the content interested the group since the two hours planned became almost three hours, without a break (actually, nobody asked to have a break). It was a nice group with enough interaction during the presentation and plenty of discussion afterwards. As usual I was not able to go through my entire slide deck.

Below the results of the little survey I did during my preso. You can find my entire presentation on Slideshare.

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