FDA Open Hearing on Internet and Social Media

POSTED BY: Shwen Gwee (Med 2.0 Blog)

NOV 12-13 marked a VERY significant occasion in the history of social media in pharma. By that, of course, I mean that it was the much anticipated FDA Open Hearing on Internet and Social Media — the first of it’s kind since 1996! Of course, it was just “Internet” back then — social media didn’t exist as we know it today.

The biggest irony of this meeting on INTERNET and SOCIAL MEDIA is that there’s no wifi connection or cell phone reception (the meeting room is 2 floors underground), so no one there will be able to live tweet/blog the meeting, but at least it’s an open forum. Whatever the case, those of us watching the live webcast will be live-tweeting (because we have wifi! 🙂 ) using the hashtag #FDASM, so look out for those.

Click image for live webcast on NOV 12-13

There’s already been bevy of write-ups and resources surrounding this, so rather than write my take on it, I’m going to point to several of these so that you can get a variety of viewpoints and information…


First and foremost, if you have only one resource to turn to, then you must go to FDASM.com — a site put together by Fabio Gratton (Ignite Health), which aggregates a lot of key information around the event, including: speakers, panelists, agenda, links to the webcast, a live tweet-stream, and (most importantly) a list of logos from supporting groups/people, which there are plenty! In addition to that, here are some links to great information surrounding this historic event:

UPDATE (Nov 12th, 2009): Day 1 Summaries and New Links/Resources…
UPDATE (Nov 13th, 2009): Day 2 or Overall Hearing Summaries/Links/Resources…

Wordle: #fdasm FDA & Social Media Twitter Stream Nov 12-13

Introducing: Shwen Gwee as co-blogger

sg-pic-1-240x180I am a proud co-blogger of  Med 2.0, the brainchild of Shwen Gwee. Shwen is a great guy with a clear vision on where the US pharma industry should move using social media. For that matter we found our counterpart on the other side of the ocean, since many of our thoughts are exactly the same as his. I am therefore happy to announce that we were able to get Shwen on board as a co-blogger on our blog as well. This partnership will mutually benefit the readers on our blog, extending our combined expertise and ideas about social media even further across the globe.

We blogged about Shwen before here and here, but for those of you not knowing Shwen, hereinafter a summary of his resume (proudly stolen from his blog):

Shwen’s career goal and aspiration is to combine his background in academia (science), agency (med comm), and industry (pharma) together with his interest, experience, and passion for emerging technologies and new/social media, in order to drive innovation in science and medicine.

Currently, Shwen is part of the Business Solutions group at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, where he leads Health Informatics and New Media initiatives. He acts as the primary interface between various business groups, strategizing and implementing technology solutions to support key business needs, with a primary focus on New and Social Media, Web 2.0, and Health 2.0.

Prior to Vertex, Shwen was a Senior Manager of Marketing Communications at Sepracor Inc., where he managed the Respiratory Speakers Bureau and related KOL meetings and events. He also regularly advised-on and contributed-to various emerging technology and web based projects.
And before Sepracor, Shwen was a Web Producer and Scientific Editor at the Neuroscience Education Institute — a medical communications agency that develops continuing medical education (CME) programs in Psychopharmacology.

Shwen obtained a BS (suma cum laude) in behavioral neuroscience from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Subsequently, he completed his graduate research in behavioral pharmacology at the University of Cambridge (England, UK), where he also earned a certificate in entrepreneurship.

Shwen currently sits on the advisory board for Pharm LLC (www.msljobsatisfaction.com)

Shwen’s areas of expertise and interests include:

  • Emerging Technologies and New/Social Media (e.g. podcasting, blogging, wikis, etc.)
  • Medical communications and CME
  • Learning technologies and adult learning trends
  • Neuroscience and behavioral pharmacology
  • Web and multimedia development/management
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship, and new business models

Welcome on board Shwen, and happy blogging!

Erik and René

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