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John Mack is (aka pharmaguy on Twitter) is a ‘Pharma Pundit & Publisher of Pharma Marketing News’, according to his Twitter Bio. He runs a successful blog named ‘Pharma Marketing Blog‘ and a podcast with the same name on BlogTalk Radio. In addition to that he’s publisher and executive editor of the monthly newsletter ‘Pharma Marketing News’, distributed to the pharma world.

Pharma Marketing News is an independent, free monthly electronic newsletter focused on issues of importance to pharmaceutical marketing executives. It is a service of the Pharma Marketing Network, which brings together pharmaceutical marketing professionals from manufacturers, communications companies, and marketing service providers for wide ranging discussions and education on a multitude of current topics.

After reading our blogpost on the EXL Digital Pharma congress John contacted me to ask whether he could publish this post in his monthy newsletter.

Of course you can John, of course…

Click here to download the article from the April issue of Pharma Marketing News.

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