Copy & Paste Your Social Media Guidelines Here

Ever wondered how to deal with all those new media tools used by your employees? Are they talking ‘on behalf’ or ‘about’ the company? Your management doesn’t want to engage in social media because they are too scared employees will hurt the company by tweeting bad things? Our advice:

Firstly, don’t make a company that gives reasons to blog/tweet badly (trust us, we know companies that should be hurt because of their internal mess).

Secondly, relax. You’re not the only one. Check out 118 companies in this database and download their corporate social/new media guidelines to learn, be inspired. Or just copy 7 paste.


“The newest computer can merely compound, at speed, the oldest problem in the relations between human beings, and in the end the communicator will be confronted with the old problem, of what to say and how to say it.”
Edward R. Murrow, Journalist

Have you already donated to Wikipedia?

Wikipedia. Who doesn’t use it? The online encyclopedia with more than 750,000 articles is visited by 340 million people monthly. “That’s one-third of all people on the Internet”, says Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia in his personal appeal to the internet community. “Wikipedia is the fourth most visited website and yet we only run it with 35 employees”.

Finding a business model for Wikipedia has always been a challenge. One can only imagine the amount of data requested by those 340 million people. Wikipedia’s budget is about $10 million per year, but apparently that will not suffice in the maintenance and development of the platform.

Therefore Jimmy is -again- asking for our help. In his personal appeal he’s asking for your donation to help his nonprofit organization thrive. Your donations with a minimum of $35 can be given here. Your money goes to people and technology, is stated in their FAQ site

The internet is a kind of YingYang. If there’s white, there’s black. If there’s full there’s empty, love versus hatred and of course pro versus anti. So there’s also groups anti-wikipedia donations, most notably some people on ‘Greg’ started a discussion on the reason why you should not donate money to Wikipedia. In short:

1. Your donation, via Google Adsense, will fund Wikia, which is not a charity.
2. Wikipedia is really a roleplaying game, with no accountability.
3. Why not donate to Citizendium instead, as they have real life details.
4. Wikipedia alleges that Brazil, Israel and Saudi Arabia practise apartheid.
5. Grade-school children can read Wikipedia’s pornographic articles about such things as anilingus.

My deep knowledge on Wikipedia does not reach far enough to have a strong opinion on these allegations. Some of them may be true, to a larger or lesser extend. What I do know is that Wikipedia contributed significantly how we collaborate, find and use information on the internet and spurred the Web 2.0 trend. The term ‘wiki’ is now common language in our vocabulary and I’ve gathered a lot of information about many subjects from their website. And for that I thank them.

With a donation.

Twitter and clean water


What do they have in common? Well, a lot lately. 

Meet Scott Harrison. He’s into clean water. And he wants the entire world to have clean water. Did you know that 1 out of 6 people on this planet do not have access to clean water? Scott wants to change that and he needs money for that. The wonderful Twitter community jumped in and organized a world wide event known as Twestival. This Thursday February 12th the Twestival will kick off in about 120 countries across the planet. Also in Amsterdam.

The program looks indeed appealing:

At 6pm the full evening’s entertainment will commence, kicking off with DJ daShank who will warm up the atmosphere  with soul funk and rare groove. Headlining the entertainment at the inspirationally designed SPACES. on the Herengracht will be a special arrangement with Farah Day on vocals and Djoeke Klijzing on violon and cello, they’ll be keeping the atmosphere strictly lounge with soulful-grooves accompanied by Local Hero on saxophone. Expect moody smooth tunes with a modern stylised mash of white labels and classics. Later on during the night, sensational DJ Lady Aceand DJ M-Cecille will spin uplifting old skool disco and dance classics before closing the night with some groovy techno.

I hope I can find some time between our activities to check it out.

More info of the Amsterdam event here.

Afya Serengeti Episode 3 – Announcing vaccination

It has been a while since we’ve posted an episode from our Afya series. Well, I think it’s time to catch-up. Here is episode 3:

The day before the Afya team starts vaccinating all dogs in a village (for free), they go around the area in a jeep with a large speaker mounted on top, loudly announcing that that they are coming the next day. Join in and see how Afya swings!


Just bought a new laptop


Well, not for us actually. We bought a laptop for somebody else. Who? I have no idea…

Usually around the end of the year-beginning of the next communication agencies send expensive gifts to their clients, to showcase their creative powers and dedication to the customer. You have no idea what I used to get when I was in marketing. Each year it seemed a rat race which communication agency has the most creative, most cool and the highest ‘wow’ level. And let’s face it, how many ‘presents’ you get are actually so useful that you still have them?

We have decided not to run the rat race, and saved the money to buy a laptop for a child. A child in a developing country. The One Laptop per Child organization has designed a special laptop for children in these countries. You can read it all here.

Our New Year card reads:

We realize that we have an easy life, with all those technologies at our fingertips. Not everywhere life is so easy. That’s why DigiRedo supports the initiative ‘One Laptop Per Child’. This organization has designed a laptop especially for children. It has a rugged exterior, built-in wireless, a unique display that is readable under direct sunlight and software designed for children in developing countries to encourage exploration, creativity and collaboration. Just as we do.

So this year no traditional ‘give-away’ for our clients, but a laptop for a child. We hope you appreciate that. We know the child does. 


Afya Serengeti Project – episode 2

I am glad to announce the second episode of the video series The Afya Serengeti Project. As you probably know, the Afya Serengeti Project deals with the prevention of rabies in and around the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. This research group, lead by Sarah Cleaveland, has demonstrated that rabies, a terrible and lethal disease that can affect all mammals (yes, including people), can be prevented when you vaccinate all the dogs in the area. So, it’s about saving lives!

The video series gives you an impression how this vaccination team works. In this second episode Kaneja Ibrahim, one of the team members, shows us around the so called CDP House or Disease House. Here the team resides during the vaccination campaigns. Get to know them a little better and see what impact this work has on their personal lives, but also how dedicated they all are to make rabies a memory.

Rabies, Serengeti and DigiRedo

An exciting trip to Tanzania, twelve hours of footage, hours of postproduction and a few liters of coffee later we are proud to present the first episode of the Afya Serengeti videoseries. In co-operation with TEN10 films (production) we have created this first episode where Sarah Cleaveland explains the situation in the Serengeti, the reason for her being there and introduces the team. In subsequent episodes we will follow the vaccination team in their journey deep into the park to find and vaccinate dogs against rabies, and thus helping the community.

We encourage everyone to share the videos so that as many people as possible learn about this important initiative. We will make sure that videos will come available on YouTube and the iTunes Store.

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